Record of the Day… “Worry” by Winter 1982



Written and performed by Winter1982
Produced by Ryan Pinson
Dark hillsides
Carry me home
I was born on the back foot
Hurt in your eyes

Sometimes I worry
Sometimes i worry
I’m incapable
I’m incapable of love

If this were the credits of my own film
Where the characters fail
And the hero is killed

Staring at the ceiling
Consequence or meaning
Only reason i can think of
Is I’m incapable of love

Dark hill sides
Carry me home
Away from the feeling
deep in my bones

Pictures cant hide
I’m fading away from here
Away from the noise

A fiction in lights
I’m fading away from here
away from my mind

I’m an empty script
Tonight’s no silver screen
I want life to match
The story machine

If this were the credits of
my own film
Roll flickering lights
that go unfulfilled

Sometimes I worry
Sometimes I worry
I’m incapable
I’m incapable of love.
released October 22, 2015

One of my most favorite obscure artist ever, Winter 1982 with a newly released track, “Worry”. Let’s help him not be so obscure;) Check him out on his website, he’s quite spectacular.

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