Record of the Day…Two from The Night Jars


I don’t know too much about The Night Jars. In fact I only discovered them by following up on Pink Lizards, another cool psychedelic band we featured a couple of weeks ago. Am I ever glad I did.

I know The Night Jars are from London, I know they play an odd mix of garage, psychedelic and gothic punk rock that sounds like the spawn of The Cramps, Bauhaus, The Birthday Party and The Fall. I also know that’s high praise, but give a listen to the two tracks below and tell me I’m off base.

Teal from their 2013 EP Daka, is a gloomy beast of a song – it slithers and shudders and sounds as if it’s sung by Jacob Marley’s ghost. Snoop, from their brand new EP –Babble, embodies the spirit of Public Image Ltd. with a chorus that claws its way inside your brain to lay eggs like an earwig.

Marvelous stuff.


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