Record of the Day…The Age of Machines by Sir Lord Von Raven


I must admit that I was completely unfamiliar with Sir Lord Von Raven until I heard the title track from their new record. The story goes that SLVR are somewhat of a San Francisco supergroup with Greg Ashley formerly of The Gris Gris and Eric “Von Raven” Johnson from The Time Flys, along with members of The Wrong Words, Drunk Horse, Part Time, and Extra Classic.

They released an album called “Throw Me Back in the Ocean” in 2009 and now six years later they drop an ambitious 22-song double album – The Age of Machines (out on Oakland’s Guitars and Bongos Records).

Wow! what a far-out rock and roll record. It’s all here kids, naked in its rock and roll glory. A brilliant amalgamation of 50s rock and roll, the British Invasion of The Kinks and the Stones, the power pop of Big Star, the punk of 999 and The Jam, the glam of T. Rex, the new wave of Squeeze, all jammed into the garage.

The first single and title track is a psychedelic, sneering, prancing New York Dolls meets The Shins number with hooks up the ying-yang. I know weird eh? Whatever. It works. I love it. You should too.

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