Record of the Day – ” Shut Up and Kiss Me ” by Tim Lee 3


Listening to Tim Lee 3 is like taking a scenic car trip down Rt. 66 , and experiencing the great American dream, open highways and your loved one by your side. The roots of rock are quite evident, think X, Dave Allen, guitars are crisp, harmonies that will make you forget where you are. Cool song, album is excellent, solid all the way through not a lost song in the bunch, follow these links and keep track of Tim Lee 3, good stuff.

(from Tim Lee 3 Soundcloud)
33 1/3 … thirty-three and a third.
The speed at which a long-playing record album spins on a turntable.
The third-of-a-century that Tim and Susan have spent as a married couple. You might call them long players as well.
Tape recording machines run at 15 or 30 something inches per second.
The live stage is the natural milieu of the rock and roll band, but the studio is where alchemy takes place, where different elements are combined just to see what happens. If this were an episode of MTV’s Cribs, it might be said that it is “where the magic happens.”
The studio is where the rock combo stretches out and tries new ideas, applies varied textures, goes a little farther out than the usual (yet always exhilarating) “1-2-3-4!” count-off leading into a wild ride through “three chords and a cloud of dust” (with a tip of the hat to the almighty Great Plains).
Throw some people in a room full of musical instruments and incongruous knick-knacks and see what happens. Stereo tambourines? Why not? Throw some steel guitar, a vibraphone, or Wurlitzer electric piano into the guitar-bass-drums mix? Sure. Hit a can with a stick for percussive emphasis? Hell yeah. What does this thing do? I don’t know, put a mic on it and let’s find out.

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