Record of the Day…….”Old Stone Bridge” by Burlap Road


“Old Stone Bridge” from World Wide Blue by Burlap Road

From my hometown of Pittsburgh Pa, I bring you Burlap Road. This is a Band that has been at this for quite some time. With years of experience as accomplished musicians they write and sing tunes filled with great lyrics and some of the best music you will listen to this year. Burlap Road should be on heavy rotation on every Radio Station that focus on outstanding music that deserves to be heard and that includes WYEP to NPR. So sit back and give a listen to my friends …Burlap Road

We will have a “Meet The Band” in a few weeks from Burlap Road and more cool tunes from their Album, Worldwide Blue.

from Burlap

Burlap Road – Acoustic American Roots From Pittsburgh, PA – the heart of America’s working class music and hearty good times – Burlap Road plays an eclectic mix of original, contemporary, and traditional American Roots music featuring acoustic guitar rhythms backed by djembe & electric bass beneath soulfully sung vocals, fiddle runs, harmonica solos and hot lead guitar riffs.


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Co-founder of 50thirdand3rd, stepped away to spend time with family and write. From Pittsburgh, now in Florida, Cool Canadian artist wife, 4 great kids, and two granddaughters!! I'm a lucky guy!

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  • Something very Phish-like about the dejembe player’s tricky time signature and his stubborn refusal to let the rhythm settle into a Bo Diddley shuffle. Not sure what he has against Bo Diddley, but I trust his instincts. Heard these guys live a couple times and they kicked up a mighty dust, like beating your burlap rug on a clothesline. Finally, we get an official release. Long time coming. Thanks.

  • the fiddle and harmonica play really nice off each other, with the lead guitar constituting a nice thread. the sultry female back-up was a layer of icing. the dejembe player kicks it; got my feet tapping. thanks, scott, another great selection.

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