Record of the Day…Odessa by Gerard Smith


If you’ve got a road trip planned in the near future, do yourself a favour and add Gerard Smith‘s track Odessa to your highway playlist. We hear a lot of music here at 50third, and Odessa practically jumped from my speakers with its Johnny Cash – Steve Earle ramble.

Listening to the music of the New York City singer-songwriter, the words home, family, honesty, and comfort come to mind.

Gerard is a little Rhett Miller, a smidgen of Dave Matthews, and a dash of James Vincent McMorrow. OK, but is he just another in a long line of acoustic, heart-on-their-sleeve singer-songwriters you ask?

Like the aforementioned artists, what sets Gerard apart from the pack, is well – singing and songwriting. His 2014 four-track EP – Odessa, reveals that Gerard’s voice and songwriting just might be distinctive enough to elevate him above the din.

Great stuff.

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