Record of the Day – Mudhoney – ‘Kill Yourself Live’ (2018)

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Grunge icons Mudhoney are back with a brand new album Digital Garbage. It’s due for release on September 28th and they’ve just put out a teaser for it in the shape of the oxymoronically titled new single, Kill Yourself Live. Harking back to their 1991 LP, Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge, they bolster the song’s fizzy riff with some nice bottle-slide guitar and drag the old Hammond organ from that era out of storage too.

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Kill Yourself Live sees Mudhoney on typically derisive form. They deliver an acerbic assessment on the effects of social media gone bad, taking the present day obsession for garnering the approval of strangers by any means necessary to its logical conclusion. “Kill yourself live, you’ll never be more popular”, howls Mark Arm, bitingly. He even has some suggestions for getting this to go viral:

Be creative, show us what you got
Make it clean and quick or do it nasty and sick
Use a filter with bunny ears, maybe add some dancing fruit
Lock yourself in a freezer, get naked and peel off your skin

Okay, it’s a little heavy-handed, but when have you ever expected subtlety from Mudhoney?

It’s 30 years now since they gate crashed popular culture with their explosive first single Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More/Touch Me I’m Sick and Digital Garbage will be Mudhoney’s tenth studio album.

Mark Arm is supposed to have once said “we never sounded like that again” about Touch Me I’m Sick. There may be an element of truth to that – whether he said it or not – but they’ve still been a reliable source of sharp, punk flavoured, good-time, garage rock and roll ever since and they’re carrying on that worthy tradition with Kill Yourself Live.

You can pre-order Digital Garbage from Sub Pop now. Mudhoney are on tour in the US and Europe in the next couple of months and are a band that’s ALWAYS worth seeing live.

Mudhoney 2018 by Emily Rieman

Mudhoney by Emily Rieman

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