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Today we start off with a double dose of Mr. Airplane Man. We have “Slippery” as The Record Of The Day”. Followed shortly with the 50thirdand3rd Interview with Mr Airplane Man. This tune is blasting with all the coolness of blues soaked in the sweltering heat of the delta. This single has been made available to us by the good folks at Girlsville Records.

the story behind “Slippery” by Courtney Del Mar from Girlsville:

I saw Mr. Airplane Man when they toured for ‘C’mon DJ’ …. I was a huge fan from the very beginning. I think the first thing I bought was the ‘Johnny Johnny’ 7″ when I was living in Philly. My friend Katie saw them in San Francisco before I had a chance and she told me I shouldn’t miss them. That was around the time the great “Shakin’ Around” 10″ was out. I think they also did some gigs with Purple Wizard around Boston or maybe Brooklyn as well. When they got back together I approached them about doing something for the comp. In fact I wanted a very specific song they did on their Peel Session, but was never released on an album. I heard it live and it was my favorite song in the set, which is unusual I think. For a song you don’t know to be your favorite has to be unusual. This is the tune played live it’s called “So Lonely” – it’s the second tune in this set.

At any rate the Peel Session thing ended up being a little complicated. Especially for a benefit compilation like ‘Stupid Punk Boy’… So luckily they found this amazing tune called “Slippery” that they recorded with Neil Hamburger in 1999 that didn’t end up on the albums or singles and it’s excellent so we went with that one for the comp.

Girlsville Records will be taking pre-orders for the ‘Stupid Punk Boy’ compilation that will be released on Cassette Store Day 2015 (October 17th).
Girlsville Records, Bandcamp

More on “Stupid Punk Boy”


Stupid Punk Boy is a benefit compilation for the Translife Center in Chicago.
The Translife Center provides comprehensive programming and support to transgender individuals including health, housing, and legal support. If you don’t feel like buying music but you still want to help support the mission of The TLC, you can donate to them directly through their website: Chicago House , TransLife Center
The title of the release is a nod to 90’s Newcastle UK label Slampt and a song written by a band on the label called Golden Starlet, it’s also a nod to compilations like Elastic Jet Mission and diy benefit compilations like Fortune Cookie Prize. Great music for a Great cause.
The 23 track compilation is all exclusive material (with the exception of one bonus track by London’s Abjects on the 24 track physical release). The artwork was done by Sean Äaberg, the artist behind Pork Magazine, and it was mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound. It includes tracks exclusive to the comp by Coachwhips, Dum Dum Girls, Candy Highway, Black Time, The Prissteens, The Black Tambourines, The Red Cords, The Teamsters, The Bristols, Virvon Varvon, Commiserations, Frankie & The Witch Fingers, The Ettes, Proto Idiot, Purple Wizard, Cosmic, Bruce & Carl, Abjects, The Hipshakes, and Mr Airplane Man.

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