Record of the Day: Move With Love – Kathy Heideman (1976)

My record of the day is Move With Love by Kathy Heideman, originally released in 1976 on a fleeting label called Country Flavor, and lovingly reissued by the fine folks at Numero in 2013.

The combination of dreary winter weather and bleak news every time I dare go online has left me wanting comfort in a major way. And so, like pulling on a cozy, oversized sweater when the mercury drops, this week I’ve turned to my favorite musical decade, wrapping myself in the warmth of Kathy Heideman’s sweet little record, letting her try to convince me that the sun will shine again, in my neighborhood and beyond.

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If you’re feeling what I’m feeling, give this one a listen. Especially if you’re into Karen Dalton (and of course you are), Emmylou, or any sweet and earnest vocals, bolstered by warm guitar tones and imagery that makes you want to close your eyes and will yourself to a different place and time.

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The record is a hug, it’s a daydream, it’s a gem. Find it, buy it, close the shades, and let it soothe your weary soul. The sun will shine again, y’all.

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