Record of the Day – “Make A Man” By ESTRONS


Make A Man’ – New single out December 4th 2015 via Gofod Records. From ESTRONS’ Debut EP ‘Whoever she was…’ out December 11th 2015.Produced & Mixed by Steffan Pringle , Mastered by Mathew Evans.

absolutely dig the shit out of the energy radiating from this track , vocals are killer, my recommendation is to crank it up and get crazy…..

from their bio:
ESTRONS are an Alternative Rock band based in Cardiff, UK.

Fronted by Canadian-Swede Taliesyn Kallström, they bring punchy melodic songs, combined with powerful vocals, loud raw guitars and busy beats.

Meaning ‘ALIENS’ in their native Welsh, the main premise was to gather a band of general misfits and outcasts that never quite belonged to any country or nationality, being of mixed and international ancestry. The create honest, raw and energetic music for anybody who want to hear something a bit different.

They’ve spent the last two years gigging across the country, in smoky attics crammed with hundreds of people, to grand halls barely occupied Whatever the weather, they perform with maximum energy and attitude..

They released their first Single ‘ALIENS’ in 2015, accompanied by sell out shows in their home-town, and will be delivering their debut EP in the Autumn.


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