Record of the Day – “Love” by The Durty Wurks

durty wurks

I love putting bands I have never listened to up until now , as a Record of the Day, picking up a little from The Jesus and Mary Chain school of rock, which always gets my attention. Cool harmonies, here is some info on The Durty Works…

(Their Bio)
The Durty Wurks write, perform, promote and produce all their own songs, recordings and artwork and make music for music lovers, from music lovers, with love.

The Durty Wurks consists of 5 young mates, who through a turbulent first year have played more gigs than had practices, had more drinks than hours sleep and still seem to keep going. Its not all just about making great music, its a lifestyle, a cliche many a band state but The Durty Wurks are rock and roll personified. we have completed our first album and are now working on a second and at the same time have become regular headliners on the edinburgh music circuit. we are now ready to expand our horizons and get our sound out further afield.


I just want a girl who can make it,
All on her own.
I just want the love making,
‘Cause I don’t need no more.
And I don’t want no heart breaking,
I’ve had it all before!

I want Love,
I need Love,
I want Love
I don’t need no more kissing I’ve had enough,
Just come and get me when you want some love.

You can come round any time baby,
Bring your friends round, If you want.
‘Cause I’ve got the love that drives you crazy,
Makes you scream as you cum.
And I’ve got plenty to go around,
So come get loved,
When you’re in town.

I want Love,
I need Love,
I want Love,
I don’t need no more kissing Ive had enough,
Just come and get me when you want some love.

Now, let me bang down harder now baby,
Let me beat it like a drum,
Let feel your heart racing,
I want to feel you filling up,
When you push back on me,
My mind just blows,
Please do it one more time,
And let’s both explode!


released 16 May 2015
The Durty Wurks

The Durty Wurks, Bandcamp
The Durty Wurks, Twitter

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