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Cashew & Cleary look and sound like they could be Gram Parsons kids, or maybe David Crosbys’ either way it’s obvious that they are filling a void that needs to be filled. “Stoned with a smile” could describe the experience of listening to Cashew & Cleary . These two are way past cool. FANTASTIC!!! and LOVE IT!!!
Cashew & Cleary , Press

That is what I said about Cashew & Cleary last year and that quote and a picture of our review is on their website. Cashew & Cleary are back with a new Album, showcasing their ability to lay down some gorgeous melodies and some very cool guitar licks . This is the title track from “Fathers Vol. 2” give a listen to them today, these two are clearly some of the best musicians to be coming out of the current Southern Cal scene , when you listen to their records you know you’re hearing work from a band that understands that “it” is supposed to be about the music. So grab that morning cup of coffee and cozy up with some new stuff from Cashew & Cleary.

Press Release…

The 5-Song EP is the 2nd In a Series of 3 Concept EP’s (July 7th, 2015)

LOS ANGELES, CA MAY 20,2015— Fathers Vol. 2 picks up where Husbands Vol. 1 left off as 2015 finds the duo of Cashew & Cleary (Eric “Cashew” Harding and Patrick Cleary) transitioning from newlyweds to family life with some highly listenable results: road trips, mirages, high times, murder ballads, Hollywood and Tijuana—Fathers Vol. 2 has it all.

The EP will be released on cassette via Wiener Records (an imprint of Burger Records) and digitally on July 7th. Cleary describes the music as “psych-garage-western-baroque-folk rock” with Cashew adding, “…and a touch of domestic charm.” Since becoming a live band after the release of Vol. 1, Eric Swanson on bass and Charlie Woodburn on drums give the duo a rock ‘n’ roll punch. It was recorded and mixed by Cashew and Cleary at their L.A. compound, The Space.

Boasting 24 minutes of music and only five songs, Fathers Vol. 2 holds together as a concept record about getting what you want and dealing with the fallout. “It’s a continuation, as well,” says Cashew. “To be honest, the songs on this EP can be randomly blended with Husbands Vol. I into one full-length record and it would fit. We’re hoping to compile them and release it on vinyl at some point.”

“Genie of Love” is an escapist jaunt about wish fulfillment while “Caught in the Spotlight” is a song about a man who can’t get ahead, a father under pressure, who takes big risks and pays the cost. “Every line I’m seeing the story play out,” says Cleary. “We’re both cinema nerds,” adds Cashew, “and as SoCal kids, story songs and strong visuals are in our blood.”

“Then I Saw You” touches on a friend’s trip to Morocco and the Bowe Bergdahl saga. “The tension between engagement/disengagement and the allure of the exotic in varying contexts fascinates me,” explains Cleary.

“Like a Rich Man” is a song about transformation and money pressures and “The Dog’s Don’t Bite!” is a story that Cleary wrote about a microloan agent in India who is mauled and then comes back to give seminars to prospective lenders. “It’s a Kinks-style howl against amoral money lenders,” comments Cleary, “and was inspired by some investigative journalism—a first look at history.”

When asked whom Fathers Vol. 2 would appeal to, Cleary glibly answers, “Pan-generational neo-noir coffee-stoked and microbrew-sipping two-wheeled bookworms and second-hand fashionistas and activist aesthetes.” “I can’t top that, “ laughs Cashew. “Always under-appreciated, forever under-desired, that’s us.”

“There are two sides to being a father: the immense love I have for my son and the flip side, which is the feeling of dismay at the world he will encounter,” says Cleary. “The wish to ‘keep the warships on the docks’ is real. We had to ask that of our genie.”

a few more tracks for you to listen to…

Cashew & Cleary:

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