Record of the Day is Lead Me to the Water by Miner

MinerOne of my favorite indie-folk groups from the west coast have just released their second album, Tuanaki. That album includes this new single, “Lead Me to the Water”, a folk tinged song with a good beat and a great energy. I interviewed this group last October and really began to appreciate their music and sound. Husband/wife duo Justin and Kate Miner along with Justin’s brother Jeremy and Tobias Urbanczyk make up this quartet. The name Tuanaki holds a special meaning for the group. The music was recorded while the band waited for blood test results that would determine whether Kate and her two sisters were carrying a fatal genetic condition known as Huntington’s Disease, and the uncertainty that hung over the recording process imbued the songs with a deep sense of urgency and consequence. While reading in a hospital waiting room, Kate and Justin came across a passage in a book that mentioned Tuanaki, a ‘lost’ island paradise in the South Pacific that vanished into the sea during the 19th century. They decided to name the album after this paradise lost. Tuanaki was produced, engineered and mixed by Phil Ek in Seattle, leaving us with a wonderful sound of a free spirit in the soul of the album.


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