Record of the Day: Interval by Bombay Harambee

Hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, Bombay Harambee are out with a new single, “Interval” off their upcoming debut album Goldmine. Last year, Harambee put out a tape-only release on Weiner Records called Wolfman Fellowship. But finally, the punk rock quatro is giving us a full length. Goldmine is out February 19th on Max Recordings.

Until then, “Interval” is an acerbic and quick witted reinvention of 80s sonic punk. My favorite lyric from the track, You found me standing there askance/My mouth agape, an aging fighter’s chance to take/In the interval. Take in the rain delay, is the perfect expression of our understanding of and discomfort with the time between events or just after making what could be an altering decision. It’s smart, relatable, and punk rock as hell.


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