Record of the Day…Hot Rods At The Loser Convention by Teenanger


Toronto’s Teenanger have always ridden at the front of the trashy garage punk train. Not exclusively mind you, 2013’s Singles Don’t $ell gave a hint of the change to come, but the quartet has consistently released quality jams that are often described with the words – sneering, snotty, or bratty. You get the idea.

I won’t say their latest output – the 8 song – EPLP (released in Sept. 2014) is a total departure – it’s still sneery, snotty and bratty sounding, but I’ll be damned if I don’t hear the spirit of late 70s Toronto new wave punk like The Government, The Diodes, and The Poles along with the shoegaziness of My Bloody Valentine especially on Hot Rods At The Loser Convention. They’ve put the brakes on a little and the sneer is still there, but there’s more than a nod to new wave/post punk happening here (saxophone and synth!) and the result is spectacular.

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