Record of the Day…Guitar Romantic by The Exploding Hearts


Just looking through past posts on 50thirdand3rd, it’s amazing how many artists we feature that list The Exploding Hearts as an influence. From The Cry, to Marvelous Mark, to The Number Ones, their 2003 masterpiece – Guitar Romantic seems to have captured the attention of anyone who loves their rock and roll with pop hooks and punk sensibilities.

A flawless power pop record – Guitar Romantic is absolutely solid from beginning to end, so I didn’t pick just one song for Record of the Day. You get the whole thing.

Sadly it’s coming up to 12 years (July 30, 2003) since vocalist/guitarist Adam Cox (23), bassist Matt Fitzgerald (20), and drummer Jeremy Gage (21) were killed in a car accident. Only guitarist Terry Six survived.

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