Record of the Day: FLESH PANTHERS – Lecture Line / I Wish I Woulda’ Known

Chicago’s Flesh Panthers never disappoint. Actually, that’s not entirely true. I am disappointed that it’s taken two years for them to put out some new music.

After 2016’s phenomenal country-dyed Willows Weep, the Panthers have been a little quiet, releasing a track, “I Wish I Woulda’ Known” this past October and another, “Lecture Line” just a couple of weeks ago.

Quite the tease because both “I Wish I Woulda’ Known” and “Lecture Line” continue the rootsy swagger that made Willows Weep a favorite. In addition, even with the loose, offhanded feel of Willows Weep, the spirit of Big Star’s Radio City lurks just below the surface on the new tracks.

Hopefully it’s not another two years.




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