Record of the Day – “Flash Of White Light” by Watts

flash of white light

“Flash Of White Light” from Flash Of White Light (deluxe white vinyl) by Watts.

Another cool Record of the Day from Rum Bar Records by Watts. This will take you back to the days of glam with some Mott The Hoople overtures, a little T-Rex never sounded so good all mixed in with a little of Watts personal take on a sound that deserves to be back , love the pounding piano, nice touch! This song demands to be played LOUD, guitars are hypnotic tearing it up. Makes me feel like I did after I first listened to “Born Late” or “The Golden Age Of Rock ‘N’ Roll” as soon as I was finished listening to the songs 30 times in a row , I needed to go tell all my friends about this cool new band (Mott the Hoople) that I personally discovered with a little help from Creem Magazine and here we are a few years later, so what are you waiting for…… go tell all your friends about Watts.

Watts, Facebook


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