Record of the Day: Delta Dreambox – Bliss Blood Sings the Blues

If Bliss Blood is known, it’s probably for her work in Pain Teens, a late 80s/early 90s noise rock band out of Texas. But what I only learned a few years ago is that more recently, she’s been putting out songs and collaborating with multiple musicians featuring her own brand of retro, revival jazzy blues songs that sound straight out of the 1930s, but with better recording equipment. While she’s collaborated on several projects, my favorites are the songs she’s released as Delta Dreambox. In 2015, she released sixteen Delta Dreambox tracks on BandCamp, many of which can also be downloaded for free on her website.

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She plays the ukulele, which brings a bright, upbeat feel to her otherwise bluesy songs. I love her voice, which is soulful in a unique way, perfectly matching the tone of her tunes.

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I definitely recommend checking her out if you’re into old music, or new music that sounds old, or if you’re interested in supporting an independent musician trying to make it in an often cruel industry.

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