Record of the Day – “Bye Bye Babe” by The Creeping Ivies


The new Album ” Witch House” comes out later this week, August 16th. Becca knows how to write catchy tunes, the sound is full of nods to surf/garage/60s’with a little witch punk and as always it has that signature voice leading the way. It’s been over 2 years since I heard The Creeping Ivies for the 1st time and I’m just as big a fan today as I was that 1st day. I think The Creeping Ivies are the bomb, they hit a nerve that very few others do, I could and often do listen to them all day long. Love the new song, guitars are surf certified cool and if you’re not a fan you’re nuts.

The Witch House EP, released on Flowers in the Dustbin Records 16th August 2015.
All tracks written by Becca Murray. Recorded and Mixed by Emily MacLaren at Green Door Studio, Glasgow.

The Creeping Ivies:

Flowers in the Dustbin Records :

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