Record of the Day -” Waitin’ For Nothin ” by Tom Baker & the Snakes


starting the week off with some pounding, driving, guitars out front, balls to the walls rock ‘n’ roll from Tom Baker & The Snakes. 4 Stars EP comes out this week on Rum Bar Records. I also really dig the lead off track , so for all my hockey and rock ‘n’ roll buddies out there I’m adding that as well . So grab that coffee, turn this up and rock it out…..

Five guys + four guitars…that’s a sonic blast that’s built to last.

“4 stars” is three tracks of red, white, and blue rock n’ roll savagery from members of Boston rock heavy hitters Worshipper, Watts, Township, The Dirty Truckers, and Gymnasium, who are lovin’ on the Stones, the Faces, and the ‘Mats.

We do it for the rock!

Tom Baker & the Snakes :


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