Record of the Day: BIKINI COPS – Three 7″

This is the third EP from Perth, Australia’s BIKINI COPS and it’s like I’m back in the 80s scouring the ink-dripping pages of MRR to mail away for obscure punk cassettes.

Steeped in the classic live fast die young punk of Circle Jerks, Hard-Ons and Zero Boys, Bikini Cops drop six tracks that pack a lot of breathless rock and roll energy into 15 minutes, including the practically epic “Lost in A Dimension” which clocks in at 2:13.

Released on 100 Yellow (it’s all gone!) and 400 Black vinyl this is a must for your collection.

Co-Released by Drunken Sailor Records (UK) and Televised Suicide (Australia) and on cassette from TAPE TALKS.


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