Record of the Day – “Bad Day” by Light Bulb Alley


all of us can relate to this and that makes it one cool song…..

from their bio….
Light Bulb Alley Believes in musical freedom. We belief rock n roll in its pure raw form. The seedy underbelly, Whisky glasses and The Velvet Underground. rundown Cafes and Dick Dale. Pool halls and Chuck Berry. At the side of the road hitching a ride. Like a wave of Rock ‘n Roll crime.

In everything we do we do it for Rock ‘N Roll. Challenging our self’s musically and playing all the time every time for people who get it. It is not the things we have but the experiences we take.

Not everything you can learn in school. It is in the gutter and in the forest.


“…their rollicking, rockabilly-tinged sound retains the fireball energy and DIY grit of a classic punk outfit”. Bandmark.com

“Stratified clouds of cigarette smoke in a bar are the images invoked by the music here”. Earshot

” I can’t describe properly how great it is! Moody guitar, bass and drums with vocals and trashy performing are still shudder my body!!! Excellent”! Gew Gaw Fanzine.

“After a rumbling, shuddering cover of ‘Who Do You Love’ we get into a CD of damned fine originals. This is neo-garage psyche delivered good and ugly”. Leicester Bangs

“…absolute killer garagepunk guitar noise just made for dancing and drinking”! Mongrel Zine

“Seedy underbelly stabbing at your eyes like Jack the Rippers surgical knives. Leaving you for the crows, vultures and worms”. Sugarbuzz Magazine

” tormented, and a rhythmic system steamroller are the ingredients of this beautiful sandstone by the ability garage, which is often willingly let go fevered drifts psych”. Retrophobic.com

Alex: Guitar
Seb: Drums
Ockert: Drums
Josh: Drums
Matt: Drums
Karlo: Bass/ Organ/ Guitar
Allister: Voice/ Guitar.

Light Bulb Alley, Facebook
Light Bulb Alley, Twitter

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