Record of the Day….”Want To Want To” from Hi-Rise Ranch by PI Jacobs. 2015.


“Want To Want To” from Hi-Rise Ranch by Pi Jacobs. Released: 2015.

For all those that love roots Americana, today we are featuring PI Jacobs. A Beautiful voice that takes us back to the glorious days of the singer-songwriter …..

One of Pi Jacobs’ earliest musical memories is of riding in a car. “My mom had this giant old Buick with a speaker on the shelf under the back window,” says the Los Angeles-based, Bay Area-bred singer-songwriter. “Whenever Carole King would come on the radio, I’d crawl up there and squeeze myself over to the side so I could put my head on the speaker.” This harmony of music and the road – travel by car or train, to the city or the country, from one state of mind to another – abides in Pi’s six-track EP Hi-Rise Ranch. “Icy Road” and “The Train” explicitly
map the distance between the loved and the lover, across miles and time. “Starting Now” traces the road to recovery, its protagonist declaring in the song’s triumphant hook, “I’m gonna wear a smile to go with these scars/ I’m gonna live my life and I’m starting now.” Even in the collection’s one cover, “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You,” the singer’s got to ramble. According to Pi (“Pi” as in the mathematical constant), Hi-Rise Ranch can be heard as a continuation of her previous release, the 2013 EP Urbanicana. She’s mining a similar sonic vein, what she calls an “Americana bluesy rock thing.” She collaborated with the same personnel, including producer Eugene Toale, perhaps best known for his work with Kanye West. Among other contributions, Toale lent slick rhythmic texture to Pi’s reinvention of the aforementioned Zeppelin classic. Beastie Boys drummer Fredo Ortiz likewise returns, bringing a crisp, streetwise feel to the mix. And for its part, the 2014 stand-alone vinyl singe “Home,” which landed on L.A.’s taste-making KCRW, would be thematically at home on Hi-Rise Ranch. – from….PI Jacobs.com.


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