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Sometimes you can be looking so hard for something that you don’t see what’s right under your nose; as is the case with the excellent local band, London, Ontario’s So Young. I have certainly seen their name around town but it wasn’t until they graced the front page of our local rag this past weekend, that I figured I needed to check them out on the cusp of the release of their second record “Try Me”. I’m sure glad I did, and now I will have to catch them live, which I can do relatively soon since their album release party is this Thursday!

So Young consists of vocalist/guitarist Paterson Hodgson, guitarist Chris Martin, Adam Gilkes on bass and Dave Lumman on drums. Comparisons to the current slate of female fronted indie bands are inevitable, but Hodgson’s voice and songwriting stand on their own. The track Sixteen is a great pop song along the lines of Best Coast and Warpaint, but also reminds me of the 90s pop of Blake Babies, and the classic jangle of Neil Young. Check it out.

Pre-order “Try Me” HERE!

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