Record Of The Day…. SICK THOUGHTS “Fat Kid with a 10 inch”

We here at 50thirdand3rd.com have featured Sick Thoughts a few times. We first heard of him (Drew Owen) through our good friends at Hidden Volume, a few months later Sick Thoughts was featured as one of the bands of Gonerfest. In the weeks and months ahead we will be featuring some of the bands from Slovenly Recordings, starting today with Sick Thoughts….

This is from the bandcamp site of Slovenly Recordings

Have you ever been to Hanover, PA? I‘ve spent time there, and It’s WEIRD. Hanover is lousy with mongoloids /Juggalos and slack jawed farm people. Drew Owen, otherwise known as SICK THOUGHTS, was born there, and through the benevolent seer abilities of his dad was fortunate enough to escape to Baltimore, MD, currently ranked in the top 30 most dangerous cities in the USA. Monsieur Owen has somehow overcome his geographically debilitating boundaries, and with the aid of no one but his own 17 year old genius, has vinyl releases on labels from Italy (Goodbye Boozy), Sweden (Ken Rock), Zaxxon (Canada), and a few American imprints, including an upcoming single on Memphis’ finest, Goner Records. This large hole 10” on Black Gladiator is the nastiest recording we’ve heard yet from this pudgy, pimple faced fucker. Sick Thoughts channels GG and the Jabbers and Japanese noise with heavy negatory spirit on each track – a sonically screwed and puberty drenched hatful of hateful punk rock sputum.



released 28 October 2014

Black Gladiator/ Slovenly Recordings 2014

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