Record of the Day – Mr Devil by THE ARROGANTS


time for some cool ass kickin garage rock….

from – Dirty Water Records

THE ARROGANTS are part of a growing wave of young musicians that have an interest in music that extends beyond the latest digital download on overpriced headphones from Vanilla Ice Cream Tea Dogg or the bland, auto-tuned nightmare of what is criminally known to some as “R&B”.

These particular young men, alongside a number of others in various countries (many of whom are also flying their flag on Dirty Water Records), have happily spent their teens investigating classic 20th century music: blues, rock’n’roll, garage-rock and proper r&b: the rhythm’n’blues of Bo Diddley, Jimmy Reed, Chuck Berry, Chess Records…

The Arrogants began their musical archaeology first as a 14-year-old duo, then as a 15-year-old trio . . . then with an organist, as a quartet, they were ready to be heard by the wider world, with their debut EP, (‘Introducing … the Arrogants’ on Dirty Water Records). And now, with the addition of a fifth band member, a rhythm guitarist, to further fill out their sound they are ready with their first long-player.

Whilst digging the sounds of the past, they have successfully developed their own repertoire, writing their own songs and gaining recognition in their home town by playing as support to their heroes The Pretty Things and appearing at the Lille Vintage Weekend in front of 15,000 strong crowd. And, recently, they appeared in front of 57,000 people opening for Lenny Kravitz at the Mainsquare Festival in Arras, France.

Produced by London’s greatest Frenchman, Healer Selecta (a.k.a. Yvan Serrano-Fontova of the Dustaphonics) and mastered by Pete Maher (who has worked for U2, the Killers, the Rolling Stones, and Jack White, among other famous names), these eleven tracks were recorded at the vintage studio of the National Belgian Corporation in just three days. Yvan remembers seeing the then sixteen-year-old Arrogants on stage for the first time, ‘It was a strange feeling, as though I was watching an original garage band. Their garage sound is pure, minimal and wild. To make true sixties garage, it should have this youthful energy and not over-do the technical aspect to make for a real musical experience.’



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