Record Of The Day….. Modern Cinderella by The CRY!,

The Cry!.com

“In which a bunch of underfed deviants from Portland, with skinny ties hanging loosely from their scrawny necks, and rat-hole apartments stuffed with old 70s power-pop singles and tattered Elvis posters, make a record and save rock’n’roll.

I mean, that’s definitely the plan here. And I’m on board. Despite the tumbledown image and open affection for rubber-legged, safety-pin punk, Dangerous Game is actually a tight and extremely well-crafted album full of jukebox-worthy insta-hits. From the glam-slamming opener Discotheque to the hand-clapping teenage angst anthem Nowhere To Go, to the sugary-sweet power(pop) ballad Same Old Story,Dangerous Game is a non-stop joyride of everything you’ve ever loved about music.

It’s got girls on roller skates, it’s got puking in alleys, it’s got ruffled shirts, Johnny Thunders, American cars, Creem magazine, cigarettes and T.Rex. It’s the best album Hanoi Rocks never made. Holy fuckin’ rock’n’roll. (9/10)”
Sleazegrinder/Classic Rock, Dec. 2014

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