Record of the Day – Mixx​/​REM by Gleasons Drift


Today’s record of the day is from Gleasons Drift. These guys have been around for a few years and that’s something that I have mad respect for. This is just the kind of rock , I grew up with , guys having fun , laying down some tracks, playing live for years because they need to be doing this. I’ll have a Interview with Gleasons Drift up soon, until then, jam on these tracks…

from their bandcamp…
Somewhere within the comforting confines of two guitars, bass and drums lies a never-ending vein of inspiration. For Gleasons Drift, its wide and vast—spanning country ballads, straight-ahead rockers and riff-driven refrains over the course of 4 releases in the last 12 years. On their latest, they’ve mined a new cut—finding kinship and reliability in early Garage Rock. From the opener, with its BTO riffs and Big Star-ish harmonies, on through the swagger of every Keith Richards-for-hire solo, the band wears the abridged history of Rock N’ Roll proudly on their sleeve. Boring, it’s not. It’s alive, and fresh, and teeming with as much girl group tenderness as blistering guitar breakup. Spanning 12 songs in an economical 38 minutes, Gleasons Drift ebbs and flows across sixty years of influence, encapsulating sound and vision, and relentlessly keeping it real.

Gleasons Drift:

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