Record of the Day is Learn to Fall by Daphne and the Mystery Machines

daphne and the mystery machinesSo last Thursday night at the Mercy Lounge I was lucky enough to catch a show by these guys, Daphne and the Mystery Machines. To say I was completely blown away might be an understatement. They sang this song, “Learn to Fall” and so many others I want to include in this post but as it is called Record of the Day I will choose this one. These songs are intense and not to be taken lightly. daphne and the mystery machinesThey have these strong vocals that creep into your soul and evoke these emotions of love, loss, desperation and promise. And even though my goosebumps have went away they continue below the surface as I listen to these songs over and over. Daphne Culver shares lead vocals with Jenn Palmer and their voices go together and become this fierce animal all on its own and then combined with this beautiful violin everything else just sort of melts away. Just listen already…

daphne and the mystery machines

Members: Daphne Culver – Lead Vocals, guitar, accordion, piano, Jenn Palmer – Lead Vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine Samuel Clint Damewood – Violin, Chase Arocha- Lead Guitar and Tyler Boone – Bass

Follow these guys on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud. A huge thanks for Jason Marsden for having me out to see this amazing show for Mars Presents at Mercy Lounge. It is always a guaranteed good time when he is involved and the work he puts in to these shows is incredible.

Tour Dates:
June 17 – Summer Solstice Music Festival
July 8 – North Vernon, IN w/Powell
July 9 – Louisville, KY w/Powell
JULY 29 – Ocoee River Jam Music Festival
JULY 30 – Capitol Theatre w/Kristy Lee
AUGUST 10 – Fayetteville, AR w/
AUGUST – 12/13 – Coyote Con Music Fest (Neosho, MO)
August 25 – Sylva, NC
AUGUST 26 – (Waynesville, NC) Bearwaters
AUGUST 27 – Small Town Jam Music Fest

Photo cred: Jess Sneed

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