Record of the Day — Jessi Colter: A Country Star Is Born

Jessi Colter is often referred to as the first lady of outlaw country, likely because of her marriage to Waylon Jennings. And to Duane Eddy before that. She’s released 12 albums of her own, and the first two are absolutely wonderful, especially for anyone into that 70s female country/folk sound, a la Dolly Parton or Linda Ronstadt. But rather than boasting a showy personality or powerhouse voice like those ladies, Jessi sings sweetly, almost timidly in comparison. She’s the girl next door, if the girl next door were strikingly gorgeous and also cool as hell.


My favorite track on the album is Why You Been Gone So Long:

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Although the one most folks are probably familiar with is her duet with Waylon, I Ain’t the One:

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The other great thing about the first two Jessi Colter albums is that they’re easy to find in record shops, usually at a really good bargain because I guess sometimes it sucks to be married to one of the biggest names in the genre while trying to make it on your own as an artist. Damn the patriarchy.



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