Record of the Day: Huggy Bear – Taking The Rough With The Smooch (1993)

Some days you wake up and feel like screaming, and this morning I’m screaming along with Huggy Bear, a British riot grrrl band from the early 90s — one of many who helped me navigate my teen years. One of many I still come back to when I’m feeling angsty, which happens a lot lately, have you read the news?

I’ve been carrying around Huggy Bear’s 10-inch record “Taking The Rough With The Smooch,” released on Kill Rock Stars in 1993, from house to dorm to apartment since Bill Clinton was inaugurated, and the record hasn’t ever sounded bad or dated to me once.

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Music is an emotional salve for many of us, but there are aches that can’t be reached through soothing, melancholy ballads. Don’t get me wrong, those songs have their place, and I lean on calming records, even records that make me sad, more often than not. But there is relief in acknowledging your anger. There is energy in shouting, dancing, motivating yourself. And there is support in hearing others vocalize their similar frustrations. There’s camaraderie. There’s strength.

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I hope that things get better. And I hope that soon we all feel less like screaming all the time. But even when we get there, I’ll still be digging out my Huggy Bear records, because they’re really a load of fun to listen to, and at the end of the day, if you aren’t having fun, then what’s even the point? Hang in there. <3

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