Record of the Day…Hannibalism! by The Mighty Hannibal

The Mighty Hannibal was a soul singer from Atlanta who released a large number of fantastic singles in the 1960s, some of which were compiled by Norton into 2001’s Hannibalism! I’ve listened to this record numerous times online, but last week I lucked into a vinyl copy and it’s been in heavy rotation at my place ever since.

Hannibal wrote love songs, dance songs, and protest songs. And right now feels like a really good time for all three.

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Hymn No. 5 is a song about Vietnam and the effects of war. It was banned from the airwaves when it was released in 1966. It seems strange to think of a protest song being banned on the radio until you realize that’s exactly the direction we’re headed in once again.

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All the songs on Hannibalism! are deep and evocative. It’s not light background listening. It’s something to make you feel. To make you think.

Not that the album is a downer. In the last week, I’ve found it an excellent escape from the news. Something up-lifting. Something to offer hope.

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The Mighty Hannibal’s love songs are as deep and spiritual as his protest songs. And a good reminder that there are things out there worth getting out of bed for. Like music. Protest. And love, love, love.



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