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A little cool ass garagerock to get you through the week.. new track from Thee MVPS!!

Well this is a first ain’t it? We know how those Buzzcocks and Ty Segall’s and Oh Sees and Stiff Singles compilations flew off the shelves but they were all done by famous people who already got big and had people keen! So how comes a debut LP release from Thee MVPs is one of these too? Well there’s the logical reasons sure but the main thing is it’s ‘that’ good!

The band have selected ten of the primest cuts from the early-to-present days for you the listener to get acquainted with. How you haven’t heard half of these is beyond us, some of it even got rave reviews in Pitchfork, DIY and The NME before now!

From the clattering opening numbers of the ‘three piece’ days which showcase the band doing their best impressions/rip offs of bands like Harlem and The Black Lips on tracks like ‘The Lurgy’ to some of the more driving pop material shown in previously well received singles like ‘Edgar’, we’re covering a lot of ground here, it’s got the old crowd favourite/heavy metal shredder ‘Sauna Song’ stacked right up against ‘Gravesend Song’ which has a Strange Boys styled bluesy swing to it with total ‘not proud of my hometown’ lyrics to match.

This is indeed a diverse release of early material by a band whose love of garage rock/proto-punk has evolved into the tightly knit unit they are today. If you wanna hear charm, fun, clumsiness, steadiness and growth in the same 30 minutes this is the record for you! A personal record made by personable people.

Featuring out of press 45 songs, rare-shelved cuts and singles from the band’s time on the PNKSLM roster, this release may in some way introduce you to Thee MVPs gear, prime you for their new material in 2017 and maybe even answer the question about how to spell the band name and what it stands for!


Woman is a Danger Cat
The Lurgy
Lully Poo Face
Don’t Feel Bad, Feel Rad
A Song for Baron Willoughby
Gravesend Song
US Airways
Sauna Song/January



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Easy Action Records


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