Record of the Day -The Crybabys – Scars


What a cool song , reminds me a little of X ,and a whole lot of Exile, has that nod to the roots, awesome stuff..

Side A:
The Crybabys to celebrate 25 years from their first record release, after 15 years of hiatus, founding members Honest John Plain (The Boys, Ian Hunter, The Lurkers, Mannish Boys), Darrell Bath (Uk Subs, Vibrators, Dogs D’Amour, Ian Hunter) and Robbie Ruston (Whizz Kids, Captain Sensible, Gunslingers, Mannish Boys) augmented by Lester Greenowski (Lester and the Landslide Ladies, Honest John Plain) went back to the studio. Crybabys are ready to set to woo a new generation with their Mott The Hoople, Rolling Stones, Humble Pie, Faces inspired brand of rock ‘n’ roll. Formed in London in the early summer of 1990 the band quickly built a substantial live following securing a record deal with Receiver and were voted “Best New Band of 1991” by Kerrang Magazine. In 1995 Plain and Bath were chose by the living legend Ian Hunter (Mott The Hoople) to write, perform and even share vocal duties on his 1995 Dirty Laundry. In 2015 the band decide to record a new version of “Scars”, song they penned for the “Dirty Laundry” record, with Bath on main vocals and to revisit Jagger, Richards timeless classic “Tell Me”.

The Crybabys:

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