Record of the Day: CAFE RACER – Mush Mouth

In a serendipitous way this morning I just happened to be listening to The Rolling Stones 1967 foray into psychedelic – “Their Satanic Majesties Request“, and when I flipped over to listen to the new Cafe Racer, there seemed to be some matching DNA.

Mush Mouth” is from the Chicago bands’ forthcoming sophomore full-length, “Famous Dust“, out February 19th on Maximum Pelt Records.

The track certainly has some psychedelic genes, but it’s also a shoegazing affair, swirling around in a breathless haze, throwing the Jesus and Mary Chain’s Beach Boys meets the Velvet Underground against the wall.

I’ve listened to “Famous Dust” in its entirety a few times now and all I can say is you should always make some room in your life for music this good.

Pre-order the album HERE!


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