Record of the Day – Beehive State by Birds of Paradise


Start your Sunday off with this cool new hit record from Birds of Paradise just released by our friends at Hidden Volume Records

Birds of Paradise pay homage to the great songwriters such as Lee Hazelwood, Leonard Cohen, Jason Molina and Townes Van Zandt. The songs are blues, pop rock and folk based, with electro-acoustic-acoustic soundscapes and electronics. Their sound captures the dreamy atmosphere of 50’s era pop and country music in a contemporary setting. It is as if there is a ghost in the machine, and this ghost is love. The band features Roy Vucino and Hannah Lewis. After having played and recorded together for about three years under the moniker Red Mass, they now embark on a road trip with no end in sight.

Imagine a looser, more gritty Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra taking on Randy Newman’s “Beehive State” and Northern Soul staple “Please Stay” by Pearl Jones. This Montreal duo consisting of Roy Vucino and Hannah Lewis (Red Mass, PyPy, etc.) summon the ghosts of 50s pop and country that embraces new sounds yet still holds on to the romanticism of a past era. FACTORY SERIES NO.5: BLACK vinyl limited to 150 copies (edition of 300 total), heavy weight factory sleeve, stamped and numbered.

Birds Of Paridise



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