Record of the Day – “You’re Mine All Mine” by The Reverberations

the reverberations

The Reverberations debut Album “Mess Up Your Mind” is one of the top 5 albums of 2016, and I don’t care what comes out in the next few months, this one will be high on my list and that’s a guaranteed lock. Just listen to this and dig on the whole vibe and that sax is killer. and then the Sonic touch followed by a flaming guitar riff, sweetness!!!

I wrote this a few weeks ago…
“I’m on a Vacation, trying to wrap some things up here before we head off grid into the woods for some Family time and holy shit they’re on my Soundcloud feed… The Reverberations and if you are not a part of the garage rock gang , well I don’t know why but if you are not digging these tracks we really have a problem. It’s all there, the Sonics scream, Brian’s harmonica , total bad ass guitar jams, seriously these guys are on top of their game and this new album is pretty much a guarantee lock for one of my top 5 of 2016. I love The Reverberations , hey guys…do you need a publicist??”
-50 Third and 3rd (5/27/16)

The Reverberations:



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