Re-listening to Parquet Courts’ “Sunbathing Animal”


I was re-listening to Parquet Court’s latest album from earlier this year, Sunbathing Animal. What a great band, man. Great tunes, yeah, but also their lyrics and the way they’re presented…it just hits in all the right places. Specifically the song, “Instant Disassembly”. The music just repeats itself constantly throughout, but what moves this song is the lyrics. They do more than tell a story. Like a poem they immerse you into the scene(s) they describe. In doing so, the music becomes the backdrop to the familiar tale of love that is slowly falling apart. Though the story has been nearly done to death, it’s songs like this that breathe life into the circumstance, and remind us how utterly human it is. They bring us back to our own similar situations, and when it hits us at that right moment, it causes us to stop and reflect. To take in this person’s story, and relate it to our own, like having a late night conversation with an old friend while being serenaded. I haven’t found a lot of music in the past few years that can do this as well as I continue to experience on each successive listen. Added in all the rest of the songs in this album, (Dear Ramona, Sunbathing Animal, Ducking and Dodging…in all honesty nearly every song on this album is great or better)I think this may be my favorite album of the year. The closest they’re coming (to my hometown of Orlando, Florida) on their current tour is New York in December…I’m seriously thinking about making the trek

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