RANGSTEEN – New S/T Album and Video Release for カッコツケキレズ

Leather-clad Tokyo punks Rangsteen dropped their 5th long-player on Cleveland’s Dead Beat Records today. Formed in 2002, they were discovered by none other than Teengenerate’s Fifi who signed them to his new Stay Free label and released their 1st full-length ‘Dance In Hell‘ in 2008 as well as 2011’s “Roll” and ‘Zero‘ in 2015. Their 4th ‘Idiot Elegy‘ was released in 2018 via GoodLovin’Production.

Cut to 2019 and late last year Rangsteen hit the studio to re-record a dozen blazing rock and rollers from their catalog adding one new unreleased track to complete this self-titled album. The trio keeps it pretty simple, letting rip catchy three-chord ravers with frenetic energy. Rangsteen is a lean and mean rock and roll machine.

Available in a very limited edition colored vinyl ORDER HERE

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