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After the success of psychedelic folk outfit The Migrant, frontman Bjarke Bendtsen is ready to transcend furthermore into electronic folk-rock territory with the release of his latest project Rainbrother’s debut album Tales From The Drought, out now via General Bird.

Tales From The Drought is all about making your way whilst on the road, dwelling on memories both beautiful and troublesome and coming to terms with the decisions that have been made. Album opener ‘Riverside’ is a stunning piece of songwriting that carries you away into the abyss and as the album continues, so do your thoughts. Each one a little more comforting than the next. Tales From The Drought invites the listener into a speckled dream, filled with steady beats, wistful Pink Floyd inspired guitar slides and a storytelling charm akin to the likes of Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver.

Rainbrother: Tales From the Drought

It’s the first song on the album and the first one written and recorded. My beloved grandmother had just pasted away and during a time of settling down in Denmark after a long period of travelling it felt really good writing those words for her. She was an incredibly warm and inspiring woman and someone who was always there for you and other people in the village we grew up in. Always curious, her little house by the brook became a home for people who had something to tell; it didn’t matter if they were new family members from Africa, old or young from Gludsted (our village) or from somewhere else. She was always there to listen and chuckle.

A choir/instrumental song that is moving forward in its own peculiar way. It didn’t get its name until it was recorded, the chanting choir sort of made us think of ancient worlds when human beings were just about to take off.
Wish we could go on a safari 60,000 years back in time.

This is a song about a crow that is telling you what you should do. It’s not a very nice bird, it can be rather mean and its voice sounds mocking and frightening. Especially during the dark winter time you tend to give it more attention than it deserves. In the end, of course, it’s up to you if you’re listening.

A song about waiting for true love. And while you’re waiting you need to keep yourself busy. Juggling is excellent.

A dreamy fragile little song about birds and the difficult process of letting go.
The choir is soft, the electric guitar violent, and the birds are just really hard to place.

Blue is about being desperately in love and about the big empty cave you’re sliding down into the more eager and enchanted you get. It’s a feeling so deep, maybe the deepest of all. Down in that cave all words loose their meaning.

A call to everyone we love to break out of their cages and dance like crazy! I had a specific girl on my mind when I wrote the lyrics, but really just finding it weird how many beautiful souls that are sort of kept hidden from the world. Seems like some girls, especially, grow up learning to behave in a certain rigid doll-like way. Meanwhile a gigantic lake of untapped magic lies beneath, covered by indifferent talk, Make-up and mirror images. Then when you see glimpses of thawed lake you really wanna drop a tractor on the remaining ice.

About hens and needs and mad convincing skills. About insufficient late night resistance.
One of our live favourites, the guitar solo is really hard to end!

It’s a song I wrote for a cat that was afraid to go outside. The world seemed too big and everything out there reminded her of the vast universe where nothing can be controlled. Which is just one side of the truth of course. However, good news: the cat is back! Meaner than ever.

A song dedicated to the largest celestial body in our solar system. And to life as we know it. There’s a lot of time and space distortion going on and all you can do is float through it, and around it!


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