From Radio Mutation – GaragePunk Surfcast #33


I’ve been in the mood for a kick ass surf playlist. It’s 97 degrees here and the only real way to escape it is the Beach, so if you are like me and you want to listen to some surf on the way to the beach, this is from Radio Mutation, which a long time ago was GaragePunk Radio . So dig on and in and remember….stay cool

Radio Mutation :Est. in 2005 and formerly known as GaragePunk Pirate Radio. The world’s only REAL rock-n-roll podcast network .

The dream of the ’90s is alive in the GaragePunk Surfcast.

Strange Jason of Phantom Creep Radio and Six Foot Plus is back, and he has a episode wrapped in flannel, smelling of coffee and full of angst. The 1990s are back in vogue and so this episode is full of surf tracks released during that decade.

What crazy tunes came out of the decade of Friends, Lolapalooza and the first Clinton presidency? Tune in to find out.

Find Strange Jason and the rest of the Phantom Creeps at PhantomCreep.com. Tune in to Six Foot Plus at 6ftplus.com.

01. The Trashwomen, “Nightmare At The Drag”
02. The Del-Vamps, “Undertow”
03. Jackie & The Cedrics, “Thunder Struck”
04. Monster Pete and The Chiefs, “Six Degrees”
05. The Satans, “Satan Surf”
06. The Tiki Men, “Tiki Torcher”
07. Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, “Spy School Graduation Theme”
08. The Alewives, “Flight of the Flea”*
09. The Neptunas, “Mummy Walk”
10. Human Tornados, “Shempin’ Surfari”
11. The Halibuts, “Banzai Washout”
12. The Tarantulas, “Amazon-Legged Women”
13. The Tiki Tones, “Man or Mancini”
14. The Mulchmen, “Demanding The Impossible”
15. The Boss Martians, “More Booze, Less Ice”
16. Gravity Trio, “Cocktails With The Gravity Girl”
17. Mustang Lightning, “Texas Voodoo Surf”
18. Huevos Rancheros, “Cindy With An S”




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