Pure Pop For Now People….Something Wild , by Radiator Hospital


Pop/Bubblegum it’s all just fun….

Released July 2013 on Salinas Records (BUY IT HERE:  www.salinasrecords.com/release/radiator-hospital/something-wild/).  Radiator Hospital is me, Boltie, Cynthia, and Jon. Kyle played the crazy solo on “Your Boyfriend” and Allison sang on “Are You Feelin’ Me?” This album was recorded in April 2013 in our house. Kyle recorded all the good sounding songs and I recorded all the hissy ones. All words by me except “Sometimes” which I paraphrased off a Flamin’ Groovies record. All sounds by Radiator Hospital. Front Cover by Paul Jaissle  (society6.com/paulrjaissle).  Layout by Brennan. Photos by us, coloring by me. Thanks to Kyle, Marco, Allison, Brennan, Paul, Kiki, Waxey, all our friend bands, all our friends and families, anyone who’s booked us a show and anyone who’s listened to any of this junk. This album is dedicated to the dreamers. Keep the dream alive. -Sam   http://radiatorhospital.bandcamp.com/album/something-wild

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Co-founder of 50thirdand3rd, stepped away to spend time with family and write. From Pittsburgh, now in Florida, Cool Canadian artist wife, 4 great kids, and two granddaughters!! I'm a lucky guy!

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