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In the days before punk rock tunes became the stuff of new wave in discos, it once revelled with injection. It gave the youth of yesterday’s society a voice and an identity, a powerful will and a sense of pride. It could not be beaten down or subjected to. The assumption amongst punk rockers was that their music was an expression and rebellion against all things conservative. A time not so long ago when loud guitars and big choruses changed the world forever. A time when the change was heard from the terraces of football grounds and night clubs. Through this passion and punk-rock ethos often referred to as “rebel rousing” we come to a band that takes its name and identity from this very source: The Terraces


The honesty of working class life: unbridled football passion: street-life serenades written about suburban life: anthemic yet snarling punk at its raucous best. Straight forward and uncomplicated yet still with a hint of intimidation. This isn’t any old tedious, domesticated or aspirational punk. The Terraces are back to basics, pissed off and give the ears no quarter. Their lyrics create vignettes of working-class life with endearing honesty and they draw bitter and uncompromising conclusions on the times we live in.


The Terraces are an eloquent, driven sound marked by rich and succinct guitar work by Dean Tsolondres, punctuated with intelligent drumming. Buckley’s voice is relentless, reminiscent of punk legends such as Joe Strummer and Jimmy Pursey. Any fans that revel in a street-punk sound and an honest, warts ‘n’ all approach, will appreciate the perfectly exemplified attitude on their recent debut self-titled album.

Having just played their first UK Tour in early December, including Birmingham’s Rebellion Bash with Cock Sparrer and Rancid headlining, you can expect to hear a lot more from The Terraces.   http://www.theterracesrock.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46&Itemid=53

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