PULSEBEAT RADIO SHOW #155 with Wayne Elliott

Pulsebeat is a new release based punk, alt. whatever show out of Abingdon, Oxfordshire broadcasting on Global Punk Radio (UK), Maximum Threshold Radio (USA), Woody Radio (Canada), Podunk Radio (USA) & Radio Lantau (Hong Kong).

Host Wayne Elliott formed the hardcore band Doctor and the Crippens in 1985 and played on all their recordings. He later worked for an independent label and distributor. Following the reissue of the Doctor and the Crippens back catalog Wayne started the Global Punk Network FB group in 2016 to promote new music from around the world which led to the start of the Pulsebeat Radio Show and the Global Punk Radio FB group that focused on podcasts and radio shows. In 2018 he started to share his Pulsebeat show with some other stations and teamed up with 7 UK labels to release a compilation LP featuring many of the bands played on the show. Since then Wayne has focused on making Pulsebeat a varied and well put together new release based alternative radio show.

1 The Lovely Eggs – Bear Pit
2 Custody – Get Rid Of It
3 Dumb – Club Nites
4 Terror Claws – Whom Gods Destroy
5 Bombardement – Greed Prevails
6 Spectres – Insurgance
7 Otzi – Moths
8 Mono Negatives – Sure Shock
9 The Chats – Do What You Want
10 Faintest Idea – Stomp Them Down
11 The Chisel – Rat Running Wild
12 Incisions – Jennifer Anniston
13 Scumbag Millionaire – Full Speed Go
14 C.H.E.W. – King Kurtis
15 Cause A Riot – Counting On You
16 Moron’s Morons – Addicted To Homicide
17 John Prine – Your Flag Decals Won’t Get You Into Heaven Anymore
18 All – Dot
19 Marianne Faithful – Broken English
20 Cristina – Is That All There Is ?

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