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proto idiotWant some silly, stupid garage rock thrown in your face? Perfect solution is Proto Idiot and their forthcoming LP, For Dummies due out May 27 via Bad Paintings. You get hooked on Proto Idiot in just the first few chords of song. It’s a fresh and upbeat sound yet nostalgic in that you feel as if you are listening to some punk bands from long ago, think The Kinks. For Dummies is thirteen songs in only 35 minutes, glorious with high energy, shredding guitars and bass, heavy drum beats and fuzzy screaming rock. My favorite track is streaming below, “Idiot Blues” along with the silly yet rocking video for “Better Version of Me”. Proto Idiot is British rock trio Andrew Anderson, Michael Floyd Seal and Callum Trent D’Arley out of Manchester. Pre-order the album here and check them out on tour if you get the chance, they will be on tour throughout the summer. Tour dates listed below. I got the chance to chat with them to find out more about the band and what makes them so good (and funny and charming). Check out what Callum and Andrew had to say…

Proto Idiot is?

Callum: Proto Idiot is, in layman’s terms, a pop group. We write and perform songs that we like and hope others will enjoy also. We stupid. You stupid. Everyone stupid. Why can’t we all just get along?

Describe your sound?

Callum: When it comes to our sound, we take ourselves extremely seriously. We write with the aim of exploiting the ideas that anyone else would throw away at the practice stage. Those stupid or funny sounding parts that somehow, despite their ridiculous nature, stick in your brain for days. Where others would have a quick laugh and move on to “serious” song writing, we stick with those odd funny bits. And sometimes we just write normal-er ones and that.

Where did you come up with the name Proto Idiot?:

Andrew: I recorded some songs in 2006-2007 and I burned them onto a CD. I was sat with a marker pen thinking what to call it – I didn’t want to just do it under my own name – and ended up writing that down. It sort of works, somehow.

What can your fans expect from your new release?

Callum: Fans of Proto Idiot can expect a hip-hop-happening new long player filled wall to wall with massive bangers. As a new member of the group and this being the first physical release I have been involved in creating, I would say it is better by far than everything the band has created in the past. All this and your mum will probably like it too. Don’t tell dad…

What was the energy like going in to record this new LP?

Callum: The energy that went into this new release was artificial. Coffee and store-brand energy drinks were the order of the day, and only through our much storied professionalism were we able to wrangle our songs into the form in which you can – nay, must – enjoy them at your leisure.

What is being in the studio like for Proto Idiot?

Andrew: Fun and silly with just a dash of seriousness when required.

You’ll be touring later in the year. Do you like being on the road?

Callum: Being on tour with Proto Idiot is like living in a dream world. Our jaunt around Europe and the UK in January with Double Cheese and The Red Cords was as much fun as anyone would imagine, what with being away from the worries of home or work. On top of having a good time I think playing almost every night for two weeks changed us as a band, very much for the better. I’d say we’re a lot more comfortable playing together and have a lot more confidence as a groooop. Or suttin.

What’s your favorite thing about touring?

Callum: Favourite thing about touring is sitting in a vehicle for hours at a time and pretending you’re asleep so you don’t have to talk because you have run out of things to say because you have had to see, and talk to, these people all day every day for the last week.

What/who influences your sound?

Andrew: Although we don’t sound much like either of them I’d say Devo and Frank Zappa are influential for us. Both made music that was odd, fun but still catchy. Devo also had a message behind what they did, which is something we (try) to have too.

When are you coming to the US again?

Andrew: As soon as the money men give us the big bucks.

proto idiot

Manchester Eagle Inn – 13 May
Manchester Castle Hotel – 20 May
London VegCafe – 26 May
Falmouth Troubadour – 2 June
Leeds Brudenell Social Club – 18 June
+ More TBC

The band is supporting 60s icons LOVE on the following tour dates:
MANCHESTER Ruby Lounge – June 23rd
LIVERPOOL Leaf – June 25th
YORK The Crescent – June 26th
LONDON Jazz Café – June 29th
COVENTRY The Empire – July 1st
BRIGHTON Komedia – July 4th

A big thanks to Proto Idiot for spending some time with me and letting me know more! Check out their website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Pre-order For Dummies here!

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