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It’s Trash! Records is a small rock and roll label and a radio show aired on local radio and Radio Mutation both run by Jesse Allison out of London, Ontario. The radio show recently celebrated its 5th anniversary (link below) and is a welcome respite from regular radio or even satellite radio with its glaring lack of punk rock. With both endeavors Jesse is an excellent curator of all things trash.

It’s Trash! the label was started shortly after the show and the initial release,  “It’s From London” in 2014 featured eight London bands including: The Glebes, Chachi on Acid, GATGAS, Disleksick, Excelsior, Don’t Touch The Dancers, Bath Salts and Johnny Terrien and the Bad Lieutenants. Check it out.

It’s Trash! has since gone on to release the wickedly cool “Killed By Meth” compilations as well as releases from some fine Canadian bands like Heart Attack Kids, Terminal Licks (featuring the late and beloved drummer Vassil Mester – Marvelous Darlings, Cheap Thrills, Diemonds), Flesh Rag, and Klazo (a band Jesse also plays drums in).

The label has also released a few international bands like Minneapolis’s Neo Neos and Detroit’s Eroders. There’s a lot of really cool stuff here, so support indie labels and bands and buy something!

Give us a quick history of It’s Trash records…..

Jesse: It’s Trash! Records started after a London Compilation record fell through in the summer of 2013. I played bass guitar in this one short lived band and I wanted to be on a record, so I took on this concept recruiting bands from London. Twelve records later we are having this conversation.

What do you look for in up and coming bands/artists that would lead you to releasing their music?

Jesse: I only release or work with bands that give me personal satisfaction. Secondly I would say a band has to be driven enough to promote the record, this would include such obvious things as playing shows /tours and all the social media garbage that is spewed on us everyday.

Where do you see It’s Trash in 5-10 years?

Jesse: If I’m not dead yet? Hmm. That is a pretty lengthy timeline. Let’s just say I take this whole hootenanny one year at a time.


Here’s a link to the 5th Trash-A-versary Show: IT’S TRASH! #111 FIVE YEAR TRASH-A-VERSARY SHOW

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