Primus – The Revenant Juke: A Collection Of Fables And Farce 6x 7inches of Rock N Roll With Benny Fuzz

Hey, people, it’s 7-inch time with Benny Fuzz! What do you do when a Cool Daddy-O Rock n Roll band from American Rock N Roll History releases not only 1 but 6 7-inches in one box? You Get one! Primus, who have earned their spot on more than one of my trapper keepers in high school also had never released such a thing as a 7-inch until now all the singles were 12-inch, CDs, a couple of 10-inches or this video cassette called U-Matic video singles. That was the 90s. Now, this 6x 7-inches box set comes along and has me buzzing. These are 6 different colors so let’s dive in and find out what is on these monsters.

The first 7-inch on ducky yellow features some early single-worthy material from the band and some of everyone’s favorites I am sure. The A-side features John The Fisherman with the B-side featuring Too Many Puppies. I think this disc is a foreshadowing of a Major player in the 90s music scene. Primus and their music would become to be loved by hundreds of thousands of fans.

The second 7-inch comes on a Bitter Lime disc featuring two songs that would never die popping into major video games. The A-side features Jerry Was A Race Car Driver with the B-side brings in the weirdness they call Tommy The Cat. I am told the song Tommy The Cat is about the famous singer Tom Waits. This disc is concrete music that will never die when this band is brought up.

The third disc comes on fermented orange 7-inch vinyl. This one features two heavy hitters from Pork Soda. The A-side features My Name Is Mud with the B-side featuring the tune Mr. Krinkle. Both tunes are worthy of the musty fermented orange vinyl they are featured on. The smell of the musty basement and the feeling of things going wrong as the darkness of these tunes bleed out your head!


The fourth disc is a soft purple, that features Two heavy hitters from the Tales From The Punch Bowl album. The A-side features Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver backed with the B-side South Bound Pachyderm. I think of these as tunes coming out of the darkness and returning to the funny that is Primus.

The fifth disc is on a bruised peach 7-inch vinyl record. The A-side features Shake Hands With Beef and the B-side features Over The Falls. The tales and fables continue and this disc shows the diversity that Primus was about musically.

The sixth and final 7-inch in this box set is featured on generic turquoise. The A-side features the tune The Anti-Pop and the final B-side features the tune Coattails Of A Deadman. And that brings us from 1989 to 1999 with an amazing band that is surely worth the cost of admission to this amazing box set of seven inches and way more. These touch the surface of an amazing band that deserves a full dive anthology check them out if you don’t know. Until Next time People!


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