THE PRIMITIVES check in with a taste from their upcoming Elefant Records EP, ‘New Thrills’

New stuff from The Primitives? YES PLEASE! There are shades of the Velvets, and The Primitives in the sound. And why shouldn’t they reference themselves? A lot of other bands do. I love it when the bands I love reference the sounds that made me fall in love with them in the first place. The Beatles, The Kinks, The Knack, Veruca Salt, all reference their own work. The Primtives have done it before as well. They took a song that Marianne Faithfull had a big hit with,’As Tears Go By‘, and reworked it in a way that is stylistically reminiscent of their own top 5 hit ‘Crash‘.

As the chords begin to ring out from the first tune teased from the new Primitives EP, I hear a progression similar to their own ‘Lead Me Astray‘, an underappreciated single from their 1991 album, Galore. The Rhythm section is reworked and Tig Williams drumming more minimal which suits the 60’s vibe. I half expect to hear Tracy Tracy burst into the first verse, but it’s Paul Court taking the lead on vocals, with Tracy Tracy providing back-ups. It’s not a strict reworking of that single it’s way more 60’s than that, but I have to wonder if they’ve decided to reference themselves again, albeit subtly. And then as quickly as it came in, it all get’s wrapped up in a shimmery candy coated psychedelic outro that leaves you wanting more.

I intend to catch up with The Primitives for 50thirdand3rd before they embark on a trip to play some dates on the West Coast this summer, but I’m going to leave these tour dates for you here in the meantime, as well as the crackin new tune, out May 5th on the great Elefant Records. It’s the 50thirdand3rd Record of the Day!

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