Premiere : Video of the Day – Beach Day – “I’m Just Messin Around” {OFFICIAL VIDEO}


I want to thank Beach Day for choosing us to premiere their new video. I love Beach Day and everything about their surfy vibe. Let’s show some love for this cool video, “Like it” , share on your Facebook Page, tell your friends about Beach Day, the power of friendships is more powerful then you know.

I asked Kimmy to write up a few words introducing the new video to all of you …..

from Kimmy:
This is the first video I directed for the band! I studied photography and art and I’ve always wanted to make a music video for the band. Music videos are quite different from photography. But the lighting has the same theories. So this was really fun for me to make.

The song is really about letting go and letting loose. The moment you’re with your friends and you’re just laughing, going nuts and just having a blast. And you’re just like wow this is a freaking great moment. And then it’s gone because, that’s life. When you get those moments you really have to relish in it. That’s what this song is about.
I wrote it when I was driving in the car. I just started singing it. Kind of like a chant. We recorded the song in Detroit at Ghetto Recorders. I was super excited to record foot stomps! I always wanted to record foot stomps in a song but the right song never arose until this one. I LOVE playing it live. It’s a straight up garage song with a proper primitive guitar solo. That’s my thing. Guitar solos. Enjoy the sweet riffs.

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